Testimonials: Acupuncture

For nearly a year I battled prostate problems and an elevated PSA score. Finally it became evident that prostate cancer, albeit in its initial phase, was present and I decided to have radiation therapy for the cancer. I actually underwent over 40 radiation treatments at the frequency of approximately 5 times per week.


During that time I witnessed many other men undergoing the same radiation therapy at the very large radiology center where my treatments were administered. They had all kinds of side effects and I worried about myself. However, throughout my entire cancer therapy I also received bi-weekly treatments from Dr. Penny Wells. I am convinced that the therapy regularly restored my physiological balance because I noted no side affects whatsoever from the radiation. Dr. Wells is a kind and caring practitioner, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— E.M., Lakewood, CO


I had chronic issues with tendonitis and stiffness in many areas. Having tried massage and chiropractic work with limited results, I turned to Penny Wells. Dr. Wells has given me tremendous help with muscles and tendons too numerous to mention.
— J.H., Centennial, CO


I am a 72 year old male, retired veterinarian. I have been an active outdoorsman and hiker until severe arthritis and loss of cartilage in my right knee nearly crippled me. Then I met Dr. Penny Wells. Much to my absolute amazement, in a little over a month of therapy with Dr. Wells, my pain is gone, and I am postponing, if not actually canceling, the knee replacement I had been considering.
— J.W.


At first I was skeptical, having never tried acupuncture before, but my pain was severe, and I felt that in my 80s, I had nothing to lose, so I visited Dr. Penny Wells. I can say that I was most pleasantly surprised. It didn’t happen overnight, after all, it had been coming on for many years, but not only did my pain gradually lessen and then finally disappear, but I also noted a drop in my blood pressure – certainly a very pleasing side effect. Dr. Wells is an excellent practitioner. 

— L.M., Aurora, CO


My success story with Penny is a sweet one; it is a joy to be under Dr. Wells’s care.


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (G.I. disorder) in February, 2006, after a lengthy stay at Rose Hospital, Denver CO. …I had been prescribed by my G.I. Doctor, immune suppressants, steroids, and high doses of anti-inflammatories, all with no success. After more than a year of treatment, I continued to exhibit Crohn’s “flares” with none of the western medicine providing relief.

In July 2008, my G.I. doctor moved me onto more dramatic medication – monthly biological therapy. This extremely costly therapy had horrible and painful side effects.

At this point I decided to research non-western healing practices. In August 2008, I was referred to Dr. Penny Wells, O.M.D., L.Ac. and started my first acupuncture treatments.

Penny and I worked diligently together evaluating my Crohn’s flare symptoms and treating intensely with acupuncture visits multiple times a week, with the ultimate goal to discontinue the painful infusions and move the Crohn’s into remission.

During the maintenance of the sessions we determined my blood type, adjusted my diet accordingly, and discovered a pro-biotic that we incorporated into my daily diet management. I always had immediate pain relief and a balanced feeling after my acupuncture visits with Dr. Penny.

Due to our diligence,  and much to our joy, just before Christmas 2008 all of my symptoms stopped. We continue to maintain my Crohn’s remission without the use of invasive I.V. drug infusions. I often recommend Dr. Wells to all of my fiends and family and explain if you give acupuncture a chance the success can be felt and seen! Since my remission I have been able to run again. In summer 2009, I ran my first competitive 5K race and hiked MT. Quandary (14,265 ft.)

I thank God and the universe every day for my Crohn’s remission and I could not have done it without Penny!

— D.B., Denver, CO

Life during menopause has been a challenge. After trying standard treatment through my doctor's advice, I experienced no relief. My daily routine had been interrupted due to hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and mood swings. Through additional research, I decided to try acupuncture. I am happy to say that this treatment has been a total success. After my second acupuncture treatment, I felt relief from my symptoms. Additional treatments have allowed me to return to my active life style. I highly recommend acupuncture treatments to anyone suffering from similar life experiences

— L.Q.

I was suffering from neck, shoulder and upper arm pain so severely that I could not turn my head, raise my arms or lift without having a great deal of pain. This had been an issue for a couple of months. I did not want to see a medical doctor as I knew it would involve a "band aid" fix with drugs I did not want to take.


I live close by Dr. Well's office so I stopped in and spoke to her about the difficulties I was experiencing. I had never had acupuncture before and if anyone had told me this would help, to say the least, I would have been very skeptical.


This was the best decision I could have made! All the issues I was having have been treated successfully and I could not be happier. I feel better physically and mentally.


Thank you, Dr. Wells, for all you have done for me.

— T.D.


Our bodies are amazingly made with everything so intricately woven together.


Suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities from a very compressed liver after seven years of toxic mold exposure, over the years I have seen numerous practitioners and therapists. Each one for a particular issue, but no one ever got it all connected together to get to the bigger picture where I could achieve any type of change.


I am very happy I found Dr. Wells online!


Her knowledge and expertise is incredible. Everything I have tried has helped "a little bit" until I found Dr Wells. She sees the body as a whole and I'm amazed at how she can read what's going on. Acupuncture is a gentle therapy that works with your body so that it can help to hear itself, and Dr. Wells makes sure the needles do not hurt. Since I've added acupuncture with Dr. Wells to manage my chronic issues I have made such great progress! I'm so thankful and I really don't have words that are adequate to express my thanks to her for helping me. I am not well yet, but definitely heading there for maybe the first time in 20 years.


I am truly blessed by Dr. Well's healing abilities.

—  G.G., Aurora, Colorado


The right combination of caring, intuition and skill.

—  M.G., Aurora, Colorado


 For years, since 1989, after being beaten and kicked in my lower back, I have suffered back pain. This pain persisted 24/7 until acupuncture was started at Natural Healing and Wellness Center by Dr. Penny Wells. After two weeks of treatment I now sleep 7 hours at night instead of 4 hours (no naps). I no longer suffer daytime pain. I have physical and mental relief!


I am so thankful!

—  P.B., R.N.


Awesome is the best word to describe my experience at the Natural Healing and Wellness Center under the care of Dr. Penny Wells. Her professional skills and compassion for her patients is simply amazing!



I have several chronic conditions in addition to pain and discomfort from several surgeries. With each treatment, I have more energy, feel relaxed, and have less pain.



As a result of seeing Dr. Wells I have been able to return to work full time. For me she is a "life saver" and I'm grateful for the experience. This is the first doctor that I have ever been glad to see since I know I'll feel so much better afterwards. Thanks for being the caring person that I see week after week.

— G.H., Aurora, CO

Acupuncture/massage gave me immediate relief from the constant burning in my groin and upper thigh. And, in less then 2 months, I'm completely free of the aching pain in my lower back. Dr. Wells and the Natural Healing and Wellness Center are the real deal!!!

— R.R., Aurora


I have always had a deep fear of needles. But recently I had a tremendous headache and decided to try acupuncture in spite of my fear. To my absolute astonishment, Dr. Wells inserted needles quickly and without pain. And what was even better at the end of 30 minutes my headache was completely gone.



I have been using acupuncture to help my hypothyroidism. Dr Wells is excellent!

— E.B. 

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