It's All About Qi

 Qi (pronounced Chee) has many definitions in Oriental philosophy as well as in its medicine and is known in other philosophies and cultures by other names:

To a Yogi, Prana
To Rudolf Steiner, Ether
In "Star Wars," The Force

It describes both states of matter and states of energy. It is for want of a better description the bio-electrical current that provides the vital essence which we call our Life Force or Life Energy.


Blood follows Qi (and so does health)…


When Qi flows freely and fully, our blood flows freely and regularly, bringing vital nutrition and information to every cell of our body, and provides harmony of thought to our mind and spirit. However, when the Qi is hindered, or stagnant in its flow, mental, physical and spiritual activities also become hindered and malfunctions begin to occur. If these malfunctions are unattended, they begin to accumulate, like a log jam in a river, and what starts out as a simple minor problem in the beginning, becomes greatly magnified and harder to heal.



 The ancient Chinese developed an amazing understanding of the functions of Qi and developed an advanced art/science to remedy the various malfunctions of this Qi. Hair-like needles inserted at very shallow depths into appropriate acupuncture points on various parts of the body engage the Qi. Once engaged, the blockages can be removed, the “power supply” strengthened, any “short circuits” repaired.


To put it another way, acupuncture needles are like a row of radio towers radiating their radio signals across the country…New York to Philadelphia, Denver to San Francisco. And like those towers, the acupuncture needles are transmitting the bio-electric current in our bodies from point to point, from point to brain, from organ to organ. The acupuncture needles vibrate often infinitesimally, and the transmission of Qi can actually be seen.


When my daughter was a small child, I read to her the story of "The Little Train That Could.” I sometimes think of that simplistic little tale when I think about the flow of Qi throughout my patients’ systems. I visualize that sturdy little train huffing and puffing over hill and dale as it completes its regular 24-hour journey bringing energy, blood, and nutrition to every cell in the body. It is an endearing picture as it reminds me often of how diligent our own Qi is in doing its very best to keep us alive and well. Often with just a little help from our practitioners, this same energy becomes stronger and is able to carry more and more life-supporting vital energy throughout each of our bodies’ systems, until finally I see my patients recover to lead happier, healthier, more fruitful lives.


The Pulse

 These same ancient Chinese developed an extremely comprehensive method of monitoring the actions and efficacy of Qi and both its strength and degree of movement throughout the organs and systems of the human body. They developed a subtle system of pulse diagnosis, using three locations on the radial artery of the wrist, taken at 2, or sometimes 3 different depths at each location with all of our organs and systems represented on each wrist. This translates into subtle pulse diagnosis of each of our organs, and the larger systems into which the Qi of each system is transmitted. An experienced pulse diagnostician can accurately diagnose present and even predict future malfunctions of our organs and organ-systems often in advance of these same malfunctions appearing on your medical doctor’s EKGs or other tests.


Point Palpation

 Point Palpation is also used for some types of diagnosis. Many of us wonder at just how the acupuncture points were discovered. Modern science has discovered that in studying the electrical properties of skin at acupuncture points when measured by an ohmmeter (electrical instrument that measures electrical resistance), the skin shows a much lower impedance (resistance) at acupuncture points than at other non-acupuncture point areas.

Of course, in ancient times no such device as a modern electrical ohmmeter was available. So how did the ancients determine the point and meridian system which has been passed down through the ages? I have often thought of the ancient Taoists sitting on tranquil hillsides without radio waves, without radiation, without electro-magnetic impulses flooding through them and think that in those quieter times, humans were able to discern things more naturally than we are able to do today.


 The benefits of acupuncture run wide and deep. Below are a few that simply have to be mentioned.

Symptom elimination Restful sleep
Pain-free living Stress relief
Deep healing Higher mental acuity
Increased circulation and flexibility Injury prevention
Renewed energy Overall health and well-being
Renewed optimism and joy of living

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