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Through the practice of both innovative and traditional techniques, the professionals at Natural Healing & Wellness Center have had the opportunity to assist patients in improving their health and wellness. Whether you decide to visit us for a specific issue, or wish to enhance a certain aspect of your daily life, we have the knowledge and experience to help.


As the leading acupuncture therapy facility in Aurora, Colorado, we have become a valuable resource for those seeking lasting solutions to health issues. Our powerful use of acupuncture treatments helps your body regain balance by improving and eliminating the conditions discussed below.


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Acute & Chronic Pain   Depression   Menopause
Allergies & Sinusitis   Diabetes   Menstrual/Premenstrual Disorders
Arthritis & Joint Pain   Fibromyalgia   Peripheral Neuropathy
Asthma   Gastro-Intestinal Disorders   PTSD
Anxiety   Headache & Migraine   Sciatica
Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain   Hemorrhoids   Smoking
Bursitis/Tendonitis   Hip/Leg & Sciatic Pain   Sports Injuries
Cardiovascular Disease   Hypertension   Stroke/Paralysis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   Incontinence   Stress
Chronic Fatigue   Infertility   Substance Abuse/Addiction
Common Cold & Flu   Insomnia   TMJ
Liver Disease/Hepatitis   Vertigo


and much more…

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